Our CSR Approach

Our CSR Approach

In recent years climate issues have become increasingly important to societies.  Populations are now aware of the challenges in the future and are changing their behavior to leave a fairer and more ethical legacy for coming generations.   Herport is fully aware of our responsibility and those of our partners to face those challenges.  Actions lead to change and a difference.  We promote innovation, we support projects contributing to these changes and we act to be involved in this ecological transition.  It is very important that our company follows the path of the institutions without going against History.

With inequalities persisting in our society we still commit to sustainable, fair and human relationships with all the parties involved in Herport activities.  Vital to Herport is to combine a policy of social inclusion and participative management with our staff.   We do finally also share the wealth of the company in offering a bonus to our employees based on the company’s yearly financial outcome.

In conclusion the world as we know it is changing. We are the driving force for modernization and must assume the full liability for these changes.

Emmanuel THUAL