We clear customs for you

Herport manages customs brokerage combined with freight transportation services to provide door to door solutions to our customers. This, relying on its offices and its global network.

We have demanded accreditations such as the OAS (approved economic operator) and aim to: eliminate the risks of non-compliance, reduce customs duties, avoid penalties and deliver your shipments on time.

We offer consultancy services to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, drawing on our experience of over 30 years in customs brokerage. Let us clear the way for so you can focus on growing your international business.

Authorised Customs Broker

Customs operations : audit and advice, implementation of PDUs and PDD

This approval allows HERPORT to carry out customs formalities in all French ports and airports and internationally both for import and export.

Customs approval authorizes HERPORT to operate customs clearance on behalf of its customers according to different modes of representation (direct or indirect representation), for all customs procedures (final or temporary) and in using all the procedures made available by the Customs Administration (customs clearance at border points, in inland offices or directly in companies thanks to domiciled procedures and customs warehouse).

HERPORT has in France its own Customs service distributed over our different agencies and endowed with experienced and rigorous customs declarants.