Emergency transport

We even respond to emergencies

Our mission is to create a fluid movement in countries all over the world with the best cost / time ratio, in particular for critical deliveries, which requires special care throughout transport, taking in charge at final delivery. We are very flexible in designing and implementing logistics solutions , creating efficient processes to become compliant, using proven strategies, which our teams manage with passion.

Leading freight forwarder specialising in urgent deliveries

HERPORT with its subsidiary EAS International has recognized expertise in logistics and transport services, always providing and designing the most suitable solution according to your specific needs and requirements.

As a leading expert in urgent deliveries, with 30 years experience in freight transport, we have become experts in air cargo transport and all associated services.

Whatever your needs (low line, sensitive products, on-time delivery, economical delivery, direct delivery, etc.), take advantage of our expertise in high-end air cargo solutions.

We take advantage of our global network covering more than 150 countries to provide you with a complete door-to-door service.

Our teams are closely monitoring the market to continue to improve processes throughout the transport chain.